Grok parse failures

Hello I'm playing around with grok filters and i'm running into parse failures..Any idea whats wrong ?


filter {
  if [type] == "app-data" {
    mutate {
      rename => ["env", "environment"]
    grok {
      break_on_match => false
      match => {
      "message" => "^%{DATA:timestamp_local}\|%{DATA:log_level}\|%{DATA:ID}\|%{WORD:Type}\|%{WORD:stage}\|%{NUMBER:accountNumber}\|%{WORD:region}"

Here's the input being provided:


Here's the error i see:

           "tags" => [
        [0] "_grokparsefailure"
           "type" => "app-data",
       "hostName" => "ELB-1",
       "@version" => "1",
           "path" => "/Users/metrics-poc/filebeat-output.log",
           "host" => "MA81",
     "@timestamp" => 2020-12-01T15:28:52.967Z,
        "message" => "2020-12-01T10:28:51.603Z|INFO|AP92|com.test.resource.6|preview-5|9244208|US-EAST-9",
    "environment" => "prod"

WORD will not match either of those fields. WORD match word characters, which are [a-zA-Z0-9_].

Gotcha..What difference does it makes if we generalize the type to DATA which seems like applicable to almost everything?

Sometimes DATA will not do what you expect. You might be better off with a custom pattern


will match anything that is not a pipe character.

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