Index CSV Timestamp

I want to index some csv files. I want to be indexed with the modification date, not with the date entered in Elastic.
My file has a modification date of 01/23/2022, that is the date that I would like to see in Kibana. not today's date

Do you have a column with date modification?

The file itself doesn't have a date column, I want to index with the system date

filter {

  ruby { 
    code => "	event.set('[@metadata][filedate]', File.mtime(event.get('[log][file][path]') ) ) "
  mutate {copy => { "[@metadata][filedate]" => "@timestamp"}} 


this is my configuration file

Thank you very much, what you sent me worked for me.

you are a guru

I have noticed, you are on Windows, change in input/file:
sincedb_path => "NUL"

If something is not possible to achive in LS, there is Ruby always.

Guru? You should see Badger, he is the Jedi, collecting data from galaxies, shifting time, control space and much much more.

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