Kibana is not showing all the logfiles from the path, shows only one file

Found anything wrong on configuration?

Sorry for the late answer. LS config looks ok. Which one are you currently using? To recapitulate:

  • You have the setup FB -> LS -> ES -> Kibana
  • Kibana shows a few of your log files, but not all
  • All files show up when using ES output, but not through LS output?

What I understood that Kiban Search page only showing max 10000 entries in the table my files are having more than that, this is the reason its showing only one source. But I am able to edit the query and able to select the different source/log files. And also changed the ignore older files value to 24 to 96hrs which is working fine now and able to search the logs what ever I want. Thank you very much for all your inputs.

But only issue i have is, FB is not sending logs if I select the output as LS. But it is sending the logs to ES if i select ES as an out put but its making me to restart FB every time to get the latest logs.

FYI..I installed LS, ES and Kinban on one single server.

what is the difference between sending to logs to ES and LS? which one better ?