Metricbeat used or create mysql connections

Dear Elastic Team,

Would like to know how many that metricbeats us or create connection for our mysql for example, based on what?

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Yasin D

Hi @yasin, I probably didn't understand your question correctly. Please let me know if that's the case.

When using mysql metricbeat module to collect data, one or more host DSN need to be specified under hosts and then if you have username and password for the DSN, you need to specify those in mysql.yml as well. Please see more details here

Dear Kaiyan,

Thank you for your reply. We wanted to avoid the "To many Connections"
So we wanted to know how many that metricbeats will use from our open connection.

By looking at the code, seems like each metricset in mysql metricbeat module opens its own connection to the database. Here is the part metricbeat mysql module calls for open connection:

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Dear Kalyan,

Would like to thank you for answering the question, it was very clear.

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