Problem to replace field string "|" with mutate gsub filter

My problem has two solutions that I can use. At the moment I am not achieving success in any.

My log

2020-04-30T13: 48: 17.954 Int 50141 009401EA-1003849D 3553384768 custom_var navigation|4300; 4201; 7001; 8001; 9000

Solution 1
Try to separate the data after the "|" character:

grok {
    #match => {"message" => "% {TIMESTAMP_ISO8601: log_data_evento}% {SPACE}% {GREEDYDATA: data_log}"}
    match => {"message" => "% {TIMESTAMP_ISO8601: timestamp}% {SPACE}% {WORD}% {SPACE}% {NUMBER}% {SPACE}% {NOTSPACE: field1}% {SPACE}% {NUMBER} % {SPACE} custom_var navigation|%{GREEDYDATA: detail} "}

It didn't work, the grok fails.

Solution 2
Grok differently and remove the character "|" with a mutate gsub filter.

I managed to make the grok so that the "detail" field has this value:

|4300; 4201; 7001; 8001; 9000

I tried to replace the character "|" blank with the gsub filter as shown below:

filter {
mutate {
      gsub => ["detail", "|", ""]

However, the character remains intact.
Am I doing something wrong? Any solution?

Thank you


Im fixed this with

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