Reading multiple CSV file with multiple header


I am trying to read multiple CSV file(bulk) those contains multiple headers. The no of column and their names are dynamic. While parsing the CSV files, I don't want to loose mapping between column header and the corresponding data fields through CSV filter.

What i have found from this discussion that logstash is unable to keep mapping between file path and the corresponding header/data values since it is stateless.


A                B                C
Data A           Data B           DATA C


D               E                F           G
Data D          Data E           DATA F      DATA G


ZA               ZB           
Data ZA          Data ZB

Considering above CSV files, is it really possible to read and parse all of them in bulk and
still maintains mapping between column header and data field like following-

A  :  Data A             
B  :  Data B
C  :  Data C          
D  :  Data D
E  :  Data E
F  :  Data F
ZA : Data ZA 
ZB  : Data ZB

I will appreciate if some one provides some insights on it.

Take a look at this.

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