Result view color and size of result card

Can we change the result views' background color and the result grid's size....Please let e know.I am trying to see if the CSS can be modified

Could you please give us some more context? The results view where? Are you using Search UI?

Thank you for responding.
Yes Search UI. I have downloaded from the git and I am trying to change the results view.

To make changes to the styles, I recommend providing your own stylesheet to override the existing styles.

Thank you so much for you response. I am new bie to raectJS, please pardon me if I am not making sense.
I followed the steps from: to get my results view.
Reference UI - how to modify what’s displayed (React newbie)

I have written ResultView component and imported into App Js.
I need to display the search results as result-cards (as we generally see in restaurant or movie searches)
But not able to figure out what all to be in ResultView component to achieve that.

Do you have an example?

Hey thank you.I needed to update the styles.css to change my layout.

To override styles you'll need to add a new stylesheet. You cannot modify styles.css directly.

okay.i will try.And could you please let me know why I am not able to traverse through the Results.js file .
I have put breakpoints inside the couple of files...only the breakpoint in the App.js I am intercepting but no any other files are being traversed when i run the application.
Please let me know ow can I resolve. Thanks a lot !

Thank you.
Here is the example that the result data to be displayed.image

Please provide your valuable inputs how to handle key-value pairs of the data and how to handle.I need to have control over the search results data where and how to be displayed on the results page.
Please let me know if any reference document to so that I can customize.
Thanks alot.

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