Synchronize data to es and customize es index structure

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i have two table: customer,customer_order customer have customer_name,sex,customerid columns. and i want synchronize the two table to elasticsearch customerOrder index the customerOrder structure like


my question is ,how to make two table data to synchronize and integration to customed es index structure like: customerOrder and when customer_name changed in customer table,i want to change all customerOrder index's customername field value. thanks all your suggestion!


use below input code to connect to databse and load data from both the tables,

in case of "statement", write join query to retrieve data from both tables,

input {

jdbc {
jdbc_driver_library => "D:/Softwares/logstash-6.4.2/lib/com.mysql.jdbc_5.1.5.jar"
jdbc_driver_class => "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
jdbc_connection_string => "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test"
jdbc_user => "root"
jdbc_password => "root"
statement => "SELECT * FROM sample"
jdbc_paging_enabled => "true"
jdbc_page_size => "50000"


elasticsearch { codec => json hosts => ["localhost:9200"] index => "mysqldata" }
stdout { codec => rubydebug }

Logstash not able to output to ES error occurred sending bulk request
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