Unable to see Transaction with APM for Nodejs

We are using ELK APM server where we have seen all the nodejs apps are properly reporting except one nodejs app.
We have configured heartbeat with "/status" endpoint for all Nodejs apps.
In APM we are able to see this "/status" transactions for all NodeJS apps except one.
Also we are able to see Metrics for that Nodejs APP.

We are using below parameters in all Nodejs Application alongwith npm module of elastic-apm-node


Kibana version: 7.4

Elasticsearch version: 7.4

APM Server version: 7.4

APM Agent language and version:
In Below Screenshot you can see for "ob-admin-spa" its not showing any response.


I would start by looking at any differences in the configuration for the non-working app compared to working apps?

I had an issue with NodeJS APM agent, refer to this post, able to resolve it by reconfiguring the agent.


Thanks @chandra2037 will test this and let you know.

Issue resolved after re-configuring and re-ordering apm in node application.
Followed @chandra2037 post and able to resolved issue.

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