_grokparsefailure tag not removed


I'm strugling to get rid of these _grokparsefailure tags

Case 1:
Message - - [26/May/2017:21:24:04 +0200] "GET /plugins/jqueryui/themes/classic/jquery-ui-1.10.4.custom.css?s=1450862292 HTTP/1.1" 200 6284 "https://server.domain.org/?_task=mail&_mbox=INBOX" "Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) Presto/2.12.388 Version/12.18"


filter {
  if [program] == "nginx" {
    grok {
        break_on_match => true
        patterns_dir => "/etc/logstash/conf.d/patterns"
       match => [ "message", "%{IPORHOST:remote_addr} - - \[%{HTTPDATE:time_local}\] %{QS:request} %{INT:status} %{INT:body_bytes_sent} %{QS:http_referer} %{QS:http_user_agent}" ]
        add_tag => [ "_grok_nginx_access_success" ]
        add_tag => ["Web"]
        add_tag => ["nginx_access"]
        remove_tag => ["_grokparsefailure"]

Result: The tags are added, the informations are extracted but _grokparsefailure is not removed

That's odd. Do you have another grok filter somewhere in your configuration? Keep in mind that Logstash reads all files in /etc/logstash/conf.d.

If you don't want a grok filter to add a _grokparsefailure tag the typical way of avoiding it is setting tag_on_failure to an empty list. That doesn't appear to be the problem in your case since you're saying it's adding the tags, which indicates that the grok filter is successful.

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