1.4 to 1.5 migration: comaptibility issues?

Hi forum...

I'm thinking on jumping forward to 1.5 again (early experience was bitter...)

First thing that comes to my mind is wether conf files woulb be valid, or would everything had to be rebuilt from scratch?

Second, is how does a schema like:
LS 1.4.5 -> REDIS <- LS 1.5.2 -> ES
would work? or would all 1.4.5 servers have also to be upgraded?

My servers run LS on their own to distribute load on log processing before shipping to 2 Redis servers... Two LS dedicated servers get processed logs from redis servers and simply inject them to coresponding indices in ElasticSearch cluster.

Finally... my pf sense routers are sending TCP directly to dedicated LS servers... would an upgrade from 1.4.5 to 1.5.2 keep running? or would I need to investigate new filters?

Than you and best regards!

If you use 1.5.4 you will be fine, there aren't any major config issues to worry about. I know of a few deprecations in some plugins, but you can check that easily enough beforehand.

That setup looks ok, but use 1.5.4, not 1.5.2.