1 WEF and 2 separate outputs in winlogbeats

Is it possible to set up one windows event forwarder with 2 outputs?

I have our production WEF running great but in addition to this I want to use the same WEF to set up a test box for @Cyb3rWard0g 's @THE_HELK and send the data out to it as well. Is this possible? I'd like to see the same production data going into both?

In other words, I want to use one WEF and push the data to 2 totally separate instances -
regular ELKstack and @Cyb3rWard0g 's @THE_HELK.


Beats don't support multiple outputs, but if you are sending events from winlogbeat to logstash then you can add an additional output to logstash that sends the events to your HELK in addition to elasticsearch.

Genius, that's why I come here! Thanks Jaime.

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