2 out of the 10 prospectors does not get enabled while starting filebeat agent

(Freddy) #1

Hi Team,

I am noticing an issue in visualizing 2 of my application logs in KIBANA.
The set up i have is there are 10 application logs in a server out of which 8 prospectors get enabled and logs are sent to be viewed in KIBANA. However when i check FB logs only 8 prospectors are enabled and 2 are not. Thsi is why KIBANA has no logs to be viewed for 2 of my app logs.

Can there be any reason for this behavior for FB to ignore 2 prospectors based on any config issues etc?

Any help would be helpful, team!

(ruflin) #2

Please provide some more infos:

  • Filebeat config
  • Filebeat version
  • Filebeat logs

(Freddy) #3

@ruflin - Thank you for you reply. I was able to fix that issue as there were special characters which had corrupted the filebeat configs.
Resolved them and now its all good.

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