5 of 16 shards failed

Hello World!

I'm using Elastic Stack 6.6.1 and after enrolling beats into Central Management, I now seeing following message in Kibana:

5 of 16 shards failed

above message was not prior to enroll, also Infrastructure stopped showing data as well( maybe related to:

Please advise.

Can you please check your Elasticsearch logs for the error and then post it?

elasticsearch did not produce any errors even though kibana did.

It should have, those errors come from Elasticsearch.

i double checked and still nada... do I have to enable verbose logging in order to see those errors?

No, they should show up.

Is there anything else in the Kibana logs then?

I actually checked both elasticsearch nodes: coordinate only (kibana endpoint) and actual master node and Kibana for errors, but not seeing any...

I even tried to delete all filebeat-* & metricbeat-* indices, followed by deleting _template/filebeat-*, _termplate/metricbeat-*, followed by re-running setup, yet still seeing "shards failed" in Kibana(

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