7.6.2 Requires Restart of Server

I'm just getting around to setting up WinlogBeat. It appears if I used the msi installer or the traditional method, I only get the server to start when the server starts up. If I stop the service to make any changes to the config, I need to reboot the server. I am able to successfully pass the config test and if I run the .exe with the config file manually, it starts up just fine. Has anyone had this issue before?

Isn't the beat configured with an ordinary service? I assume you need to restart the service instead of whole system.

That's my issue though. The service fails to restart cleanly and will only start up with the server or via running through cli and pointing to the config file. I've checked to see if any child processes are hanging about when the service is restarted, but it all seems to close cleanly.

Apparently our AV solution was causing the issues when it was trying to run as a service. Once this was adjusted there was no longer an issue.

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