A path as default for an env variable in config not detected

(Christian Stockhaus) #1


how do i correctly define a default value for an env variable substituion in a pipeline configuration?

I have tried with %{fdc.path.tool_cluster_dict:/etc/logstash/tool_cluster_dict.json} but he says the file doesn't exist. But i can copy the path from the config and do a cat on this path. (The permissions are set so everyone can read the file)

filter {
    translate {
      # This setting must be a path
      # File does not exist or cannot be opened %{fdc.path.tool_cluster_dict:/etc/logstash/tool_cluster_dict.json}
      dictionary_path => "%{fdc.path.tool_cluster_dict:/etc/logstash/tool_cluster_dict.json}"

Thanks in advance

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

Environment variables are referenced via ${env}, not %{env}.

(Christian Stockhaus) #3

ok thats embarrassing

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