About the Advent Calendar category

To celebrate the end of the calendar year, the Elastic Engineering team will be publishing a series of Elastic Stack tips each day, from the 1st of December through the 25th of December. As we are a distributed organisation, and with community members from all corners of the globe, you'll be seeing these threads in a variety of our native languages.

For some examples of what to expect, here is a selection of upcoming topics:

  • How to make an Elasticsearch Ingest Plugin (in Japanese)
  • Upgrade to 6.x with reindex API and tips (in Chinese)
  • ECE: From the trenches (in English)
  • Kibana tips for new users (in English)

We will be posting a weekly summary post on our blog, so you can also keep track there as well. We encourage you to join in on the conversation, as the topics will be open for questions and feedback. :slight_smile:

Please subscribe to this category if you'd like to be actively notified of new topics as they are posted. Happy holidays!

PS - We are joining in a long tradition of tech-based advent calendars, and want to call attention to the Elastic Stack calendar on Qiita (entirely in Japanese) and SysAdvent as being especially inspirational.

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