Actual memory usage on the SUSE 12 SP4 operating system is inaccurate

KiB Mem : 16260192 total,   195472 free, 15297300 used
KiB Swap:  16257532 total,  8238932 free,   18600 used.  8257532 cache 
  • My actual memory usage is 15297300 / 16260192 = 0.94, right? but the value that metricbeat collects is (16260192 - 8257532) / 16260192 = 0.49.

I guess it's supposed to subtract buffer/cache of memory, but it's actually subtracting the cache of swap.

Hi @wangtanxu :slight_smile:

Can you specify which field exactly is the one that you have discovered that is not correct, please? Just to ease debugging :slight_smile:

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