Add a filter to query_suggestion

A follow on from: How to add filter in "query suggestion" feature

Hi team,

I've run into the issue mentioned in the above query today, and was wondering if there was anything on the roadmap to allow filtering when doing a query_suggestion call?

I ask this because the alternative is to create an individual index for each category that we would otherwise filter by and that seems clunky. Or to do the mentioned fix in the above ticket, but I'm not sure how we can filter that down to a one-or-two word suggestion.

Any advice here would be great,



Hi @andante! Unfortunately, our roadmap is not public. I believe I'm allowed to say there is an existing issue to improve Query Suggestions, and I've noted your comment here along with a couple of others on the Discuss Forums.

Thanks for the quick response. We will probably go along the path of creating multiple indexes for now.

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