Add_docker_metadata is not able to pick container.labels.com_amazonaws_ecs_container-name for a short living containers

I am running some short living containers and I noticed that add_docker_metadata is not able to access container.labels.com_amazonaws_ecs_container-name at a random frequency.
I am using a rename like this:

  - rename:
      - from: "container.labels.com_amazonaws_ecs_container-name"
        to: "docker_container_name"

Sometimes it works and sometimes in the log I can observe:
"Failed to rename fields in processor: could not fetch value for key: container.labels.com_amazonaws_ecs_container-name, Error: key not found"

Looking at ECS container metadata produced by ecs-agent, the ContainerName property is present and has a value.

Any idea what could be the problem or how to debug further?

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