Add field when line contains EXCEPTION

logstash read the file line by line and add each line to Elasticsearch ok but i just want to add it with a condition when he find "EXCEPTION".
example of my log file:

01/01/2022 15:00:02 546- MAIN EXCEPTION : 
System.IO.IOException: Unable.......
    at System ......
    at System ....
01/01/2022 15:00:03 535- S....
01/01/2022 15:00:03 535- GA.....

I want to send just the "exception" to Elasticsearch.

Any help would be sincerely appreciate!

Sounds like you want something like

if "EXCEPTION" in [message] { mutate { add_field => { "someField" => "someValue" } } }

Or if you want to drop other messages than EXCEPTION, it could be:

if !("EXCEPTION" in [message]) {drop{}}
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Thanks Badger,TOMO_M

That's what i want, and if i want to add another condition before the drop ? i tried this but didn't work:

if !("EXCEPTION" and "System.Net.Sockets" in [message]) {drop{}}


About conditional syntax, see here.

Thanks Tomohiro.

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