Add_kubernetes_metadata does not append kubernetes metadata

We are setting up metricbeat + heartbeat + APM on our kubernetes cluster.

I am deploying heartbeat through helm chart here:

I am deploying with this command:
helm install --name heartbeat -f heartbeatVALUES.yaml stable/heartbeat

for the heartbeatVALUES.yaml I'm providing this:

However, no kubernetes metadata is added.

I have used the same snippet in my metricsbeat values.yaml, and it is successfully appending the kubernetes metadata. The documentation for add_kubernetes_metadata is a little sparse, I can't tell what I'm missing?

Here is my entire setup information,versions,etc:

Kubernetes: docker-for-desktop, v 1.13.0 / docker engine v 18.09.1
ES: v 5.6
Heartbeat: 6.6.0

Completely fresh install of all parts.

Possibly the docker-for-desktop is the problem?

I realize this is confusing, but the add_kubernetes_metadata processor adds metadata about the pod that heartbeat is running on. Not very useful for your scenario.

Starting in heartbeat 6.7 , when using the heartbeat autodiscovery provider k8s metadata will be added automatically.

Till then, you may want to use a similar approach to Autodiscover and metadata

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