Adding Kubernetes node name to output


I've installed Heartbeat on my Kubernetes cluster (using Elasticsearch as output) on via the Helm chart.

I can't seem to figure out how to add the Kubernetes node name to the output since I want to see how the network performs on each node.

I've read the documentation at without getting anywhere.

Here's what I've done so far:

  - add_kubernetes_metadata:
      in_cluster: true
      default_indexers.enabled: true
      default_matchers.enabled: true
      - container: null
      - pod_name: null
      - pod_uid: null
      - ip_port: null
      - fields: null

Result: produces no kubernetes.* fields in output. With that configuration, the fields I get in ES are beat.hostname (the pod name),, beat.version, (the pod name), and the icmp.* and monitor.* fields that are working fine, not no Kubernetes output.

What am I missing? What's the magic combination of "indexers" and "matchers" (what are they, and where is there a list of them anyway?)

I've also tried adding the process environment (as the NODE_NAME environment variable contains the Kubernetes node name), but that doesn't work either:

  - add_process_metadata:
      match_pids: [system.process.ppid]
      - process.env
      restricted_fields: true

Docker metadata seems to work fine, however, but it doesn't contain the information I need.

For reference, here's the values file for the helm deployment:

Is your intention to add the metadata of the machine heartbeat is on, or the machines it is pinging? Usually it is the latter, which is accomplished by configuring via the autodiscovery providers

For this, I need the metadata of the machine heartbeat is on – we're currently measuring the network performance of the Kubernetes nodes, and we'd like to know which ones are slower than others.

Does heartbeat not support that?

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