Add nfsiostat to metricbeat


I'm looking to get our nfsiostat information in metricbeat, but the documentation is bit overwhelming.

I would like to use the diskio logic, but I'm not sure this is the right way to go, because:

iostat -x sdb

Device            r/s     w/s     rkB/s     wkB/s   rrqm/s   wrqm/s  %rrqm  %wrqm r_await w_await aqu-sz rareq-sz wareq-sz  svctm  %util
sdb              0.00    0.15      0.02      1.43     0.00     0.06   0.07  27.56    0.85    1.35   0.00    20.59     9.65   0.36   0.01


nfsiostat /mount/nfs

          ops/s       rpc bklog
      1208.935           0.000

read:              ops/s            kB/s           kB/op         retrans    avg RTT (ms)    avg exe (ms)
                  58.570        1612.577          27.532        2 (0.0%)           1.651           1.941
write:             ops/s            kB/s           kB/op         retrans    avg RTT (ms)    avg exe (ms)
                  17.569         493.741          28.103        0 (0.0%)           3.723          13.969

Do I start a completely new metricset (like "nfsio" ?

Hi @coudenysj If you really feel like Metricbeat is lacking this feature, I encourage you to open an ER on Github to discuss this as it's a valid concern and maybe you will get feedback before any implementation.

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