Add Sub fields


how to add sub fields on logstash ex: server, time, message

i'm add sub field modsec.server modsec.time modsec.message ?

any ide ?

This link explains the Logstash field syntax:

mutate {
  add_field => { "[modsec][server]" => "something" } 

whether to do it one by one fields ?
what if i want all fields to add sub fields ?

I think I don't understand the question? Do you want to move every single field of your event from the root to modsec? If you have a few fields that already exist and that should be moved, you would use the rename option of the mutate filter. If there is a dynamic number of fields in your event that should all be moved, you could use Ruby to iterate over them.

oke thanks i will move all field to root modsec, and i configure mutate one by one field.

thank you for the advice

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