Adding additional parameters to jms .yml file


I'm trying to access Solace from Logstash. I've set up a connection, but on Solace side I see that I'm connecting to the wrong VPN (default one). To establish a working connection I need to pass additional parameter with name Solace_JMS_VPN with a specific value (I know this value).

How and where can I do that? I tried passing it in :jndi_context and on the same level as :host and other parameters, without success.

My configuration:

  :host: <host>
  :port: <port>
  :username: <usr>
  :password: <pwd>
  :jndi_name: <name>
  :factory: <myFactory>
  :channel: <queue>
  #:transport_type: 1
     Solace_JMS_VPN: <myCustomValue>
     java.naming.factory.initial: <myFactory>
     java.naming.provider.url: <host>:<port> <usr> <pwd>

jms {
  yaml_section => "solace"
  include_header => true
  include_properties => false
  include_body => true
  use_jms_timestamp => false
  yaml_file => "<path_to_yml>"
  destination => "queue"

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