Adding field to column-Mysql

I have a mysql table having column name as name, fathername, dob, age, address, dateofjoining, currentlocation.
I want to add a field i.e. employee and filter data as attached. I have some idea about mutate, but how do I filter these value to a new field called employee?
Please let me know the solution. Thanks you for the help!log

@vineets928 use mutate filter as below. It will create desired json structure.

add_field => {"[employee][name]"=>"%{name}"}
add_field => {"[employee][fathername]"=>"%{fathername}"}

@karanshah Thanku so worked.

I got the desired json output, and I am getting the json like
"name": "%{name}",
But here problem is that why field and value are same.Why I am not getting the value of table?

Plz help

@karanshah Issue resolved

Problem is with mapping.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@karanshah @magnusbaeck I have 2 tables i.e. employee and address and employee has one-to-many relationship with address. I joined both tables on unique id as each address has unique id of its own Now, I want json output as


Please help...Thanks in advance

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