Adding new Elastic Stack version

There doesn't appear to be any documentation in the Elastic Cloud Enterprise reference guide on how to add an Elastic Stack version.

What I'm looking for is a how-to guide on creating a docker image with a specific elastic version and custom plugins, then subsequently adding it to my current ECE installation using the Admin Console.

Is there such a guide?


As per the docs, this is not yet supported in alpha4:

The Cloud UI includes functionality to add new versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana. This functionality is not supported and requires new versions to be prepared for Elastic Cloud Enterprise. You should not attempt to add new versions unless guided by Elastic.

When this is supported, there will be docs.


Thanks for the quick response. I had seen that under the known issues section of the documentation. I just took the last sentence that read "unless guided by Elastic" to mean there might be some guidance when asked.


Let me ask my question differently. Is it possible to add our own custom plugins in this alpha4 release?


I discussed your question with the Elastic Cloud team and the short answer is that we will support uploading custom plugins in a future release, but you cannot upload them in alpha4. The slightly longer answer is that some of the required development work is already done, but it is not yet complete. I can't give you a more exact release date than that at this point, but the team is aware of your request and I opened an internal issue to track your feedback.

The intent of the note in the docs was to prevent a potentially frustrating scenario where the UI seems to support adding new versions of ES to Elastic Cloud Enterprise, but when you try it with one of the regular ES Docker images, it doesn't work.


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