Adding support for kerberos authentication for kafka output

Hello, I'm a junior dev willing to start looking into implementing kerberos authentication for the kafka output of the *Beats products.

I've seen issues mentioning it, but to my knowledge nobody is working actively on it.

I'd appreciate any help on the matter I can receive, as well as tips and guidelines on how to properly contribute to the project.


Hi @file_descriptor,

I can confirm that Kerberos support for the Kafka output is not being currently worked on. At this point I'd suggest commenting on, expressing your desire to work on this and perhaps explaining a little bit about how you plan to go about it — which areas of the code you see changing, any dependencies you might need, etc. If that all sounds good to the core team, you can go ahead with signing the CLA and putting up a PR. Alternatively you can go ahead and sign the CLA and put up the PR directly but then you should expect discussion on the PR itself.

Hope that helps,


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