Adding support for new protocols under packetbeat

Hi All,

I do have couple of questions with respect to packetbeat and need your help in understanding the same

  1. Is there any updated article or document in adding support for new protocols in packetbeat?

  2. Did anyone use packetbeat for higher packet rates for e.g. 100Gbps and above?
    I am sure there will be impact in performance and want to understand if there are any dpdk or fastpath based support for packetbeat at higher rates.

I know there are a couple of issues on the github repository for adding support. All of which are either stale of even closed due to inactivity.

It looks like as if packetbeat is not really getting attention. Might be that the integration for agent does (hope).

Thanks for the reply @sholzhauer

Its interesting to know that usage of packetbeat is low in reality

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