Adding tags after executing ruby code filter

I have a filter which check all inbound fields for leading underscores and if it finds any changes the underscore to other text.

I'd like to tag messages that have been modified with a tag. How do I do this? Atm, this tag is marking everything as modified regardless of whether it was changed or not.


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Yeah, judging by the code below add_tag and add_field will always trigger. You'd have to add the tag in your Ruby code, e.g. like this:

(event['tags'] ||= []) << 'mytag'
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What does this syntax mean:

(event['tags'] ||= []) << 'mytag'

It works perfectly, just don't understand it...

It's a shorter (and less legible) way of saying

if event['tags']
  event['tags'] << 'mytag'
  event['tags'] = ['mytag']

It works like this: If event['tags'] is truthy the parenthesized expression evaluates to event['tags'] and we append "mytag". If it's not truthy it's ORed with an empty list (effectively initializing event['tags'] with that list) and then the expression evaluates to that.


Any suggestions on how can I extend this to work for Logstash 5.x? In Logstash 5.x, direct field references have been disabled in favor of using event get and set methods.


Just use event.tag('mytag'). See for the full event API.

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Thank you very much! Works perfectly.