Advice needed to index multiple files from logstash to elastic search

Hi All,

when i index a single file in logstash, as multiple threads are running , the indices pushed to elastic search in also multiple. instead can i control the order of indexing in logstash.

For example. i have the below logfiles.

is there any logstash configuration to have the thread execute one logfile at a time. multiple threads are fine, but my requirement is to index one file /thread (not multiple threads on a single file)
abc.log - thread 1
abc1.log - thread 2
abc2.log - thread 1
abc3.log - thread 2 .. like this

Not unless you make LS single threaded.

thanks for your response.
the main reason i am looking for such functionality is to achieve below.

  1. search a regex in elastic search and get back results.
  2. while fetch results, i should pull a snippet with few lines prior and after the results.

As the indexing is random, i could not get the correct snippet. if i use a timestamp as the identifier , it is giving instances from multiple places even in a single file.
the above is working fine if i use a single thread. but in real time there could be more files and if i use single thread the indexing time would be longer.

Do you have some suggestions?

Are the logs related, or do you want them to be completely separate.

the logs are related. they are placed as separate files and even i want them separate.

The easiest way then would be to put them in separate indices.