After implementation all beats data not showing in discover

when we configured SSL and TLS my all beats output is not showing in discovered.

kindly give me the resolution.

It's helpful if you can please provide more information when creating your topics.

What version are you running?
What OS? How did you install the Beats?
What do the logs of your Beats show?
What does the configuration look like?

Otherwise we're just guessing at what the issue is.

  1. we are use 7.14 version on ELK stack.
  2. we are use windows server 2016 OS .
  3. we installed winlogbeat, metricbeat, packetbeat, heartbeat, auditbeat , when we checked in services metrictbeat, packetbeat, heartbear services running but data is not showing.

before the SSL and TLS implementation all log are showing correctly.

when we preformed "winlogbeat.exe config -e winlogbeat.yml" command in command prompt , they showing "config ok" message.

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