After upgrading logstash to version 8.9.1, it disconnects from the DB2 database after a few days

after upgrading logstash to version 8.9.1 from 7.17.x, I have problems with the automatic loss of connection to the DB2 database (DB2 ver. 11.5 Mod 7). The previous version of ELK 7.17.x had no problem, the connection was established and logstash ran for several months without problems.
After the upgrade, logstash creates a connection, works fine for 5 days and then loses the connection.
I have logstash version 7.17.10 installed on another server and this version works fine.
The db2jjc4 driver was updated to the latest version 4.31.10, but the problem persists despite the upgrade of db2jcc4 driver.

Do you have any idea what could be causing this interruption in the new version of logstash?
Thank you so much,

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