After upgrading to 7.17.3 or 8.1.3 from 7.16.3 I get cannot get crawler to start with logs

in my helm values file I have the following and I was going to comment out the second log to see if it makes a difference

# Add Kubernetes metadata | Filebeat Reference [7.7] | Elastic
- add_kubernetes_metadata:
in_cluster: true
host: ${NODE_NAME}
- logs_path:
logs_path: "/var/log/containers/"
resource_type: "container"
- logs_path:
logs_path: "/var/lib/docker/containers/"
resource_type: "container"
but when it tries to start the pod I get the following:
Exiting: Failed to start crawler: starting input failed: error while initializing input: fail to unpack the kubernetes configuration: invalid logs_path defined for resource_type: container │
│ , valid value is /var/log/containers/ accessing 'filebeat.inputs.0.processors.0.add_kubernetes_metadata' (source:'filebeat.yml')

Hello @Tony_Powell , welcome to the Elastic community

I have to kindly ask you to post you the content of your configuration and the error message as preformatted text, since it has hard to understand if there is any formatting value (like the error message let me presume) without proper formatting


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