Agent - Consume High memory


We installed elastic defend on our endpoints but the agent consume high CPU and machine becomes slow when running applications.

W have put multiple exclusions in place but looks like its not fixing the issue.

Any idea how can we fix the issue or any solutions how to go about this?

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It's hard to guess what's the culprit without knowing your environment. The common issue causing high CPU and machine slowness is feedback loop between Elastic Endpoint and other security product. It's not recommended to run more than one security product but if that's your decision it's important to make appropriate exclusion on both ends, in Elastic Endpoint and in the other(s) product(s).

Apart from the above, this could be caused by a particular workflow. We have a built-in utility top to aid you with finding which feature/application is causing the biggest impact. When you spot some, you can try to add appropriate Trusted Application entry or turn off the feature.


"C:\Program Files\Elastic\Endpoint\elastic-endpoint.exe" top


sudo /Library/Elastic/Endpoint/elastic-endpoint top


/opt/Elastic/Endpoint/elastic-endpoint top

Hope this helps

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