Aggregation resets values

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I am doing a simple logstash aggregegation where I am checking specific values on a SQL table and whenever the this value is being found I am having a counter count up. In the end I am just doing another simple division on how many times I have counted that value to all the values on that day (the date is my task_id) to see a percentage.

From the logical point of view the percentage will drop from 100% and will go down until the date resets.

The aggregation works every time I let logstash run through the whole SQL table at once.

But unfortunatly I does not work whenever logstash runs for a longer time and the SQL table gets constantly updated. Here I see that the percentage calculation is getting resetted from some reason on the same day (I see 100% more than once per day).

Any idea what could be the reason for that?

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