Alter how filebeats send data to output

We are created custom logs in json format and appending as a string, such as:

{"host": "Kawika_DevServer","app_name": "Kafka Test Client","log_level": "Info","event_name": "MessageSend","extended_properties": {"kawika_log": {"logger_utility_testing": {"time": "' + time_now + '"}}}}

When filebeats consumes it and sends to the output, it wraps it in it's own json object, like so:

  "@timestamp": "2016-10-30T02:56:52.145Z",
  "beat": {
"hostname": "MTPCTSCID807",
"name": "MTPCTSCID807",
"version": "5.0.0"
  "input_type": "log",
  "message": "{\"host\": \"Kawika_DevServer\",\"app_name\": \"Kafka Test Client\",\"log_level\": \"Info\",\"event_name\": \"MessageSend\",\"extended_properties\": {\"kawika_log\": {\"logger_utility_testing\": {\"time\": \"2016-10-30T02:56:43.030Z\"}}}}",
  "offset": 9630,
  "source": "D:\\Logs\\logger.log",
  "type": "logging_test"

But this is not how we want to send it, we just want the string. Is there a way to alter how filebeats send the logs it is consuming?


filebeat currently only sends JSON documents. Your event looks like you're forwarding the raw message. Consider using JSON parser in filebeat + put fields under root to get your original event + some beats meta-data. Use beats processors to remove fields you're not interested in.

Where can I find some documentation on how to make the JSON parser work. I'm not finding anything..

Here you find all the details:

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