Analyse events under detection is not working


Prior to updating to 7.11.1, analyse events as part of detection alerts was showing chain of events and allowing for quick analysis. However, post the upgrade; I see an "error loading data" whenever I click on analyse events button.

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I'm seeing the same error "Error loading data." on a brand new cloud install of 7.11.1.
The visual analysis events work well within "Hosts -> Events" when specifically searched for but won't under Detection events.
I've seen this error under several type of detection events (registry, and network).
Something is broken with 7.11.1.

Upgrade to 7.11.2 and you should see data. This should be fixed in 7.11.2.

I can confirm the feature is working as expected. This is amazing. Thank you very much for making all these features available for free :slight_smile:

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