Analyse file in specific order

Do you know if with the path I can analyse file in order they were created?

input {
    file {
        path => "/home/data/public_html/datas/update/*.csv"
        start_position => beginning
		sincedb_path => "/home/data/public_html/datas/update/.sincedb*"	

The the file create the 20 july may be analyse after the one create the 19 july?

My files are named like that

2017180.csv 2017185.csv 2017188.csv 2017193.csv 2017199.csv 2017202.csv 2017207.csv 2017212.csv 2017215.csv 2017220.csv 2017223.csv 2017229.csv 2017234.csv
2017181.csv 2017186.csv 2017191.csv 2017194.csv 2017200.csv 2017205.csv 2017208.csv 2017213.csv 2017216.csv 2017221.csv 2017226.csv 2017230.csv 2017235.csv
2017184.csv 2017187.csv 2017192.csv 2017198.csv 2017201.csv 2017206.csv 2017209.csv 2017214.csv 2017219.csv 2017222.csv 2017228.csv 2017233.csv 2017236.csv

The newest files have the higher numbers, will logtash parse them 2017180 to 2017236 ? Or not


I think the files will be processed in alphabetical order, but it may not be guaranteed and may depend on the file system.

I made a test and it wasn't process in alpha order (even with only one worker)... Quite strange... I finally merge all csv into one regarding the order I want but it's only a temporary solution!
Thanks for your reply

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