[ANNOUNCEMENT] - Elasticsearch Beyonder 7.13.1 released

The Elasticsearch Beyonder team is pleased to announce the elasticsearch-beyonder-7.13.1 release!

Elasticsearch Beyonder

Elasticsearch beyonder provides automatic index, mapping, alias or template creation
when an elasticsearch client starts.


Add this library to you project:


New features

  • #176: Add support for aliases . Thanks to dadoonet.


  • #175: Move templates dir to _templates . Thanks to dadoonet.
  • #172: Bump elasticsearch.version from 7.13.1 to 7.13.2 . Thanks to dependabot[bot].
  • #171: No need to delete templates before updating them . Thanks to dadoonet.
  • #170: Rename _pipeline directory to _pipelines . Thanks to dadoonet.
  • #169: Bump commons-io from 2.9.0 to 2.10.0 . Thanks to dependabot[bot].


  • #174: Remove the merge option . Thanks to dadoonet.

For a manual installation, you can download the elasticsearch-beyonder-7.13.1 here.

Have fun!
-Elasticsearch Beyonder team

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