[ANNOUNCEMENT] retsbeat released

The Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) is used in the real estate industry to facilitate the exchange of data among real estate actors such as agents, brokers, owners and many more, over the HTTP protocol. « retsbeat » is a new community beat which aims at facilitating the gathering of metrics and insights from Multiple Listing Service (MLS) servers supporting the RETS specification.

The main idea of retsbeat is to periodically query a list of pre-configured MLS servers for the count of resources (Properties, Agents, Contacts, Open houses, etc) and their status (Active, Sold, Pending, Contingent, Expired, Withdrawn, etc). retsbeat also supports any kind of custom RETS queries, it will send them and collect the counts of matching records. A quick glance at a sample retsbeat document gives an idea of what kind of data can be collected by retsbeat.

We're still working on more features and goodies but the current implementation already allows to build some nice dashboards which provide helpful insights into your RETS data.

retsbeat can be found here:

PS: This beat leverages the gorets library by JP Fielding. Kudos JP for providing such an excellent RETS client in Go!

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Wow, this is such an awesomely unusual use case. Never thought I'd see realestate use cases popping up :smiley:

You'd be surprised :wink:
I've been using Elasticsearch in the context of real estate since 2012 and ES 0.20.5

It's nice to see another unusual use case that a simple Beat can solve. Thank you for developing so many interesting Beats.