Another Way to Stop/Restart Logstash inside 7.3.0 Docker Container?

Hi Elasticfolk,

I’m new to Logstash / Elasticsearch / Kibana, slowly building my first pipeline. I’ve pulled and spun up the Docker 7.3.0 versions of L/E/K. I’m concentrating on Logstash at the moment.

So right off the bat, I’m hitting trouble. Inside the docker container, I’d like to (A) stop the Logstash service, (B) make changes in config/logstash.conf, then (C) restart Logstash. The problem is I can’t do (A) and (C):

bash-4.2$ systemctl stop logstash
Failed to get D-Bus connection: Operation not permitted

A bit of Google research suggests that this container isn’t loaded with systemctl, which I get. (See here) I don’t want to install systemctl, but I need a way to stop/start Logstash as I work. Any advice?


Solution: I didn't realize that to restart the service, you simply restart the Docker container. That's an old Docker trick, one a newbie like me didn't know.

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