Any APM JAVA agent update now?

(Nick Peng) #1

thanks for your contribution on elastic. Please let me know do you have any update on Java agent?I am sure many people take an eye on this.


Nick Peng

(Ron Cohen) #2

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your interest in Elastic APM.
We're going to build an open source Java agent for Elastic APM, but I can't give you timeline unfortunately.

Ron Cohen

(Nick Peng) #3

thank you Ron.



until the Elastic Java agent has been offically released, you could also have a look on our Java agent:

It's also open-source but still in a prototypical state. But it is already able to dynamicly instrument your app during runtime.


(Nick Peng) #5

it's interesting :wink:

(system) #6

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