Anyone get logstash-input-xlsx or logstash-codec-excel work?

Tried for quite a while, but keep getting the following message, hope someone can help me to get it work:

failed to open #<FileWatch::WatchedFile:0x904c609 @filestat=#<File::Stat dev=0xca01, ino=1192654, mode=0100664, nlink=1, uid=500, gid=500, rdev=0x0, size=4520078, blksize=4096, blocks=8832, atime=2016-07-13 20:53:11 UTC, mtime=2016-07-13 20:53:13 UTC, ctime=2016-07-13 20:53:13 UTC>, @state_history=[:watched], @ignore_older=nil, @close_older=nil, @initial=true, @accessed_at=1468446713.491, @path="/home/ec2-user/elasticsearch/IFS_2009.xlsx", @state=:active, @inode=["1192654", 0, 51713], @bytes_read=0, @delimiter=nil>: can't convert FileWatch::WatchedFile into String {:level=>:warn}

my conf is as below:
input {
xlsx {
type => "xlsx"
path => "/home/ec2-user/elasticsearch/IFS_2009.xlsx"
start_position => "beginning"
stat_interval => 100
codec => "excel"
sincedb_path => "/home/ec2-user/elasticsearch/.sincedb"

output {
stdout {
codec => rubydebug

Any suggestion is deeply appreciated.

I am also facing same issue with logstash plugin. Have you managed to import excel file?