Anyone using execbeat?

Been testing execbeat but cannot get it to behave.

It is running
[achan@lmc001.scl execbeat]$ ps -ef | grep -i execbeat
root 29786 15760 0 21:03 pts/0 00:00:00 sudo ./execbeat -c /etc/execbeat/execbeat.yml
root 29791 29786 0 21:03 pts/0 00:00:00 ./execbeat -c /etc/execbeat/execbeat.yml

but nothing is happening. No logs, nothing output to ES
Basically i want to send the output of rpm -qa for ES to index for software auditing purposes


# Each - Commands to execute.
# Optional cron expression, defines when to execute the command.
# Default is every 1 minute.
cron: "@every 10m"

The command to execute by Execbeat

  command: rpm

Optional arguments to be passed to the command to execute

  args: -qa

nevermind. i found the issue. The lack of logging was suspicious but ended up being the fact that i forgot to load the ES template :blush: