Apache2 module format

We'd like to use the apache2 module but our log format seems to be off with Litespeed.

apache error log format we have:
"message": "2018-03-22 16:44:21.409983 [INFO] [APVH_xxxxx_Suphp56:] PID: 23503, add child process pid: 19568, procinfo: 0x4074820",

Where can I find how the apache2 module is parsing the message?

Hi @Wanderer,

Have a look at filebeat module definition: https://github.com/elastic/beats/blob/master/filebeat/module/apache2/access/ingest/default.json

There is the ingest pipeline processing apache events

Here is a link to the ingest pipeline processing the error logs: https://github.com/elastic/beats/blob/master/filebeat/module/apache2/error/ingest/pipeline.json

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