APM Angular Application IE 11 Error

I current have APM running in my application but was alerted to it not working in IE11 ( Chrome as usual works great).

I was wondering if there are different steps to install the APM package. I get the followign error with internet explorer.

File: vendor.js, Line: 104194, Column: 7

The sanitizeString seems to be the offending line;

const throttle = __webpack_require__(/*! ./throttle */ "./node_modules/@elastic/apm-rum-core/src/common/throttle.js")
const { sanitizeString } = __webpack_require__(/*! ./utils */ "./node_modules/@elastic/apm-rum-core/src/common/utils.js")

Ive tried using the script tag method way and have also injected the APM code in as a service to see if it works. All is great in browsers other than IE 11.

Any help appreciated on what can be done.


Hi Neil,

Thanks for reporting the issue.
We are currently refactoring this part of the code.
To help us reproduce the bug, would you please paste the full error message here?


Thanks for quick response, the error is as follows;


Vendor.js line from error

offending line being ;

const { sanitizeString } = __webpack_require__(/*! ./utils */ "./node_modules/@elastic/apm-rum-core/src/common/utils.js")

Just wondering if theres an update on supporting IE 11 ?

Hi @Neil_Steventon,

Sorry about the slow response.
Using the the RUM agent in IE11 is supported, we already have tests running on IE11, e.g. this one.

It seems that the issue might be related to your bundling configuration.
Would you please provide your webpack and babel configuration?


Thanks, I have been back on the project and realise that the error in IE11 is due to the class keyword. Im using Angular 5 and was wondering do you use babel to convert the npm module down. I curent use webpack , no current conversion settings but im thinking thats the way to go ?

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