APM.captureError: Pass in stacktrace when using parameterized message objects

Kibana version : 7.6
Elasticsearch version : 7.6
APM Server version : 7.6
APM Agent language and version : Node.JS 3.3.0
Original install method : Elastic Cloud

We were advised to use Parameterised Message Objects when reporting errors due to quite a few errors having the same stacktrace (Incorrect Error Grouping). When using Parameterised Message Objects the stacktrace of the error is no longer reported & displayed in Elastic. Is it possible to still send the Stacktrace to elastic? - it is still useful for debugging as we have several sources of errors that require Parameterised Message Objects.

Appreciate we could add the stacktrace into the custom object however we were hoping to keep the logs in the same format as the logs where we are not using Parameterised Message Objects.

Thanks, Matthew

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