APM Catch Java Exception

Hi Elastic Team:
I successfully built my Elastic APM system, the versions of each module are as follows:
Tomcat : 8.5.32
Java: 1.8.0_161
APM Server : 6.3
APM Agent : 0.6
Elastic :6.3

I made a code that triggered the exception in my Java project, and then I saw this exception on Kibana, but I couldn't locate my own exception code via the information displayed on Kibana.

The ‘error.exception.message‘ can show the Exception type , the 'error.exception.stacktrace' can show the exception code in jar files , But, can I locale the exception code that I made in my Java project ?

Best wishes!

Hi and thanks for trying out Elastic APM.

I think the problem in your case is that the NullPointerException is nested inside a ServletException. Currently, we don't support nested exceptions yet.

Other than that, I would recommend you to use the free API UI which is part of the default distribution of Kibana to look at the errors. That makes looking at stack traces a much nicer experience than just looking at the raw document.

Which version of Kibana supports the free API UI? The APM server and the Elastic need use the same vervion as Kibana?

The APM UI ships with the default distribution of Kibana 6.4. It is recommended to update the whole stack at once.

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